Lines and Current Cosmo Coin Necklace

Our take on the universe and how we are players in this cosmic reality. We are the cosmic poetry; the cosmic chaos and everything in between. The cracks, the life, the breakages and beauty, the cosmo coin is a large 21mm thick coin that reminds us we have a universal life force flowing through us that connects us all. 

  • Handmade in Sterling Silver and a thick 18k gold-plating available.
  • Drop down to select pendant and chain individually.
  • Chain is 1.5mm thick and 20 inches long with a 6cm extension attached including L&C end tag.
  • Sold in our skinny gift boxes.
  • Note** As this necklace has a gold-plated coin we wouldn't advise wearing in the shower or applying lotions on skin near the pendant as this will fade plating over time.