Dr Zigs Bubble Kit

A perfect toy for kids to be active, happy, content and safe.

Dr Zigs is designed to give your child hours of fun and learning – something all parents want to provide for their kids. Our simple, but highly engineered Bubble Solution, made by ourselves in North Wales, guarantees hours of enjoyment for you children to play and learn.

Your children and you will have hours of fun with our award-winning bubble solution. Whether in the garden, at the park, on the beach or at a party, Dr Zigs Extraordinary Bubbles are easy and always amazing. You'll see!

At Dr Zigs, we believe that our children are our future and deserve the best. That’s why quality and sustainability are at the heart of what we do. Unlike most other bubble toys manufacturers, we avoid plastic where possible.

We are also proud to be made 100% in the UK and we work hard to support UK businesses by only making long-lasting, quality products.