Lines & Current 'Goddess' Moon Chain Necklace

A goddess moon knows only 'she' can truly care for herself. Attuned to her lunar rhythm, she is releasing the unwanted and knows how to care for 'her.' The Goddess, shaped as a horn moon, with downward-facing rippled points that almost cradle her inner being. Our signature black agate 3mm Mona stone is tucked under her left arm reminding her that it's okay to face her shadows and that she is full, like the moon, even when she appears dark and in the depths. 

Available in Sterling Silver and 18k gold plated with our signature vintage loop on a 18 inch box chain plus a 6cm attached extension. 

Liquid love 2020

Like liquid, it seeps into the crevasses. Hot like molten and cold as ice all at once. Everflowing, it surges into the cracks as powerful as an army of lovers and as soft as a Mother's twilight sniff on her newborn's neck. It is uninhibited and transgresses convention. My love for you, my dear, is liquid love.
Made in Belfast, Northern Ireland