Lines & Current Dark 'Marlowe' Necklace

Marlowe, meaning 'river' calls for a return to the inner place. Like a river, we are deep and constantly moving under the surface and in this exploration of darkness, we often find the light. The dark Marlowe necklace chain has a softly curved square black square agate stone held in a 6mm by 6mm casing. Hung on our signature vintage bail loop with a 2mm figgario chain.

Available in sterling silver and 18k gold plated with a 16 inch chain + 6cm extension.  

Liquid Love 2020
Like liquid, it seeps into the crevasses. Hot like molten and cold as ice all at once. Everflowing, it surges into the cracks as powerful as an army of lovers and as soft as a Mother's twilight sniff on her newborn's neck. It's a love that is uninhibited and transgresses convention. My love for you, my dear, is liquid love. 
Made in Belfast, Northern Ireland.